Michael Lewis


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Gavin Hewitt


BBC News Editor

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Jean-François Mazaud

Head of Societe Generale Private Banking

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Basil Scarsella

Former FIFA Executive Committee member
Current CEO of UK Power Networks

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Warwick Congress is an entirely student run initiative that aims to bridge the gap between Finance, Economics, Politics and Law. Our goal is to unite these disciplines through talks and seminars given by leading academics and industry professionals in their relevant field.
Our main event of the year is our conference, to be held on 9th-11th February 2018. It will focus on innovation, centring around two subtopics: the way social media affects politics and policy, as well as the potential shift in global trade towards protectionism.
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Previous Speakers include:

Sir Vince Cable
Current Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Diana Wallis
Current President of the European Law Institute and former Vice President of the European Parliament

Simon Levine
Global Co-CEO of DLA Piper

Alexander Betts
Director of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford

Meet the Professionals.

Friday 03/11, 3 PM | WBS, University of Warwick




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What others think of Warwick Congress?


“I like the fact that you put together Politics, Economics, Law and Finance because they are all interacting and integrated together for the solution of for what I think is going to be proper innovation for the future”

Roberto Casoni, Otus Capital Management 


 “What makes Warwick Congress different is its ability to mobilise around the big issues of the day, create a forum for us to debate these issues, and bring some very different opinions and very different perspectives on how to crack some of the major issues of our time”

Noel Gordon, Chairman of NHS Digital


“Warwick Congress is an exciting up and coming group of bright minds that are engaged in understanding and improving the world […] this is precisely the sort of thing that helps ensure that young people are not idle passengers of change but act instead as agents of it.
Brian Klaas, former advisor to the Democratic party (US)


“I think Warwick Congress is fantastic, I think the way that you are bringing together people from different disciplines creates really interesting discussion”

Siobhan Benita, Co-Director of the Warwick Policy Lab at the University of Warwick

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Speaker Announcement: Michael Lewis

Speaker Announcement Michael Lewis We are delighted to announce Michael Lewis as a Speaker for #WarCon18! Michael is the CEO of E.ON UK and will be speaking about energy and the environment on our panel debate “Infrastructure and the Environment: New problems call for...