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December, 2016

The purpose of this year’s academic talks is to deepen your understanding of the most pressing issues facing our society today. We have made it our mission to create a conference that brings together some of the most revered figures in Politics, Economics, Finance and Law. We hope the talks inform, inspire and invigorate you to the extent you feel empowered to pursue your career goals and tackle the issues that are highlighted. No problem can be successfully resolved by looking at it from just one perspective; the holistic approach our conference takes allows you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the questions addressed at the Congress.

What is the future of work? Digitisation, automation and disruption.

The world of work is changing, and technology is the single biggest factor behind such change. Be it firms aiming to deliver innovative solutions to old and new problems, or nations competing in a ‘global race’, technology is often the deciding factor when it comes to success. Numerous questions arise on considering the true impact of technology, such as: How will current leaps in digitisation compare to advances that have shaped our history? Will automation require a fundamental shift in the interaction between capital and labour? Does the concept of disruption require a brand new business model?

How do we create a sustainable future? Energy, Renewables and the Circular Economy.

More so than ever, our surroundings are playing a bigger part in the choices we make, and the challenges we face. From international agreements on climate change to nudging individuals and businesses to approach energy in innovative ways, the way we approach our environment takes many forms.

What are our obligations to our environment, and who should fund action for the public good? What are the key institutional changes needed to turn environmental challenges into opportunities? All of these questions feed into one problem – how do we create a sustainable future?

What role do globalisation and identity have in causing recent upheaval – and what role will they have in finding the solutions?

A selection of key political events in 2016 shocked pundits and tore-up the rule book; but change rarely comes out of thin air. After the UK’s referendum on European Union membership resulting in a decision to ‘Leave’, what does this really mean for the UK’s position in Europe and the world? What are the driving forces behind change – what role do globalisation and identity have in causing recent upheaval – and what role will they have in finding the solutions?

Taking Europe’s recent history as a case study, we will unpick the causes of the challenge to the prevailing liberal order from our four perspectives. The question of what Europe means to its citizens, and how this impacts the decisions made on the continent and elsewhere, is more relevant after Brexit that at any other time in the EU’s history. Who holds the power to shape the European project, and what will the shape of Europe look like in the future?

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