Sponsorship Announcement: BMO Global Asset Management


December, 2016

Warwick Congress is proud to announce BMO Global Asset Management as one of sponsors.

BMO Global Asset Management is a branch of the BMO Financial Group. BMO offer access to specialized teams of asset managers and service providers who are strategically located throughout the world. These resources include full-service firms in Canada and the United States, and a global network of investment boutiques.

“BMO were formed 190 years ago and since has grown into one of the biggest financial groups in all of Canada.”

BMO were formed 190 years ago and since has grown into one of the biggest financial groups in all of Canada. They are a diversified financial organisation with total assets amounting to US$499 billion, and BMO manage over US$298 billion assets globally making them one of the largest asset managers worldwide.

BMO’s main ethos is service excellence. They are guided by their core principles when they are tasked with administering, safekeeping or investing a client’s assets. Their process-driven approach which is employed by all of their experienced management teams allows BMO to offer excellent, long term results which has been critical for their global success. What’s more is that BMO’s innovative research and technological methods allow them to keep their clients at the forefront of innovation and broaden the headway above competitors.

In terms of the opportunities afforded to undergraduates, BMO offer an extensive variety of internships and job opportunities. BMO’s internship programs are a valuable way of getting hands-on experience that has a real impact. You’ll be doing meaningful work that will help you develop your skill set and allow you to identify the area of business that is the best fit for you. BMO’s current internship programs are situated in the US and Canada and are open to international students.

BMO Global Asset Management’s event at the Exclusive Networking Event (ENE) will be looking to give tips on how best to approach their application process, be it through provision of interview tips, mock interviews or what they look for in a good CV and cover letter. It is sure to be an interesting, and insightful event.

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