Partnership: CAPP


January, 2017


Warwick Congress LTD are proud to announce Capp as one of ENE Partners.

Capp’s vision is ‘To match the world to their perfect job’. The firm will be helping students attending Warwick Congress to do the same.

Capp will be providing Warwick Congress with an online testing platform to assess candidates for our Exclusive Networking Event.


Capp have spent the past 11 years designing new and innovative ways of assessing individuals. Providing top of the range recruitment solutions, Capp seek to attract the very best talent and ensure businesses achieve their ambitions. Capp utilize their ‘Strengths’ methodology to identify each individual’s strength and how they can maximize a business.

Capp’s straightforward approach is underpinned by science and data. By understanding the requirements of businesses, Capp support individuals in find their own strengths. Capp are passionate about creating a better aligned, motivated and productive workforce for each business.

The core values of Capp are Strengthen, Innovate, Disseminate, Enable and Catalyse. Capp pride themselves on delivering the very best service and solutions to clients. Their deep knowledge and expertise in applying strengths-based recruitment means they can tailor their recommendations based on each organisation. All solutions are driven by data-led analytics, comprehensive experience of what Capp know works well in assessment and underpinned by robust technology platforms.

Capp enjoy a wide and diverse client base. Providing assessment solutions to companies such as PwC, HSBC, Samsung and Nestle. Capp are committed to delivering a world-class service to clients and developing talent. According to Capp, developing talent is about opening people’s eyes to see how they can develop their unique strengths to achieve their fullest potential.

Despite focusing on recruitment solutions, Capp value diversity and seek to increase diversity across sectors. Partnering with Thomson Reuters, Capp developed a program to help women realise their strengths, so that they can understand the unique talents they can offer their organisation and help them experience positive personal benefits from harnessing their talents. The Emerging Women in Leadership Program aims to explore some of the challenges women face around congruence, authentic leadership and well-being. Capp has delivered 32 successful programs since 2011 for Thomson Reuters across 19 countries, helping 385 women maximise their potential.

Capp will be providing Warwick Congress with an online testing platform to assess candidates for our Exclusive Networking Event. There will be tests relating to both the Finance and Law sections of the event. A Numerical Reasoning test will be provided for Finance and Critical Reasoning for Law. Through selection and assessment, Warwick Congress hope to expose the brightest minds to our sponsors attended the ENE such as DLA Piper and BMO Asset Management.


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