Innovation is now!


September, 2017

We live in an age of great technological advancement and resource scarcity, like never seen before. Change is both our challenge and our opportunity, and innovation is our tool to form the future and succeed in it. We believe in our multi-dimensional approach through our disciplines to fully appreciate innovation’s benefits and risks. Our sub themes, Social Media and Global Trade, will allow our speakers to delve deeper into today’s challenges and how to look to the future to solve them.

Innovation is the overarching theme of Warwick Congress 18.

The world is constantly changing and over the last decade there have been many new factors that affect the disciplines of Finance, Politics, Law and Economics. We have seen the advent of new crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that are not controlled by conventional central banks whilst artificial intelligence has been developed to reduce the document intensive nature of law. Mobile apps allow investors to trade in seconds from their mobile devices and politics, on both domestic and international stages, is now reliant on social media, where the impact of one tweet can dictate foreign policy and swing an election. Globalisation has meant that the global trade process is now more complex and intricate than ever, operating in every area of the planet with billions of stakeholders involved.

The recurring theme throughout all these trends is that they are all new. They are all a result of technological development and ingenuity; they are all a result of innovation. We live in an age characterised technological advancement and understanding innovation can allow us to make it our tool to form the future. That is why we have chosen innovation as our theme for Warwick Congress 18, focusing on global trade and social media.

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