We’re delighted to announce Bridget Greenwood and Simon Hiscox as the latest speakers to join #WacCon18. Bridget is President of Financial Social Media UK, a digital marketing consultancy firm. Simon is Growth Marketing Director Seedrs, an equity crowdfunding platform for investing in startups and later-stage businesses.

Bridget Greenwood, President, Financial Social Media UK

Simon Hiscox, Growth Marketing Director, Seedrs

Bridget Greenwood

Bridget began her career as a Financial Advisor, working for companies such as Sun Life of Canada. She made the transition into Social Media after taking online courses and researching how to use the internet within business. Bridget launched Financial Social Media UK in 2012 after speaking to the US-based equivalent about bringing the proposition over to the UK. Bridget will use her speech to tell us about how financial services are seeing a shift in the way they adopt social media to communicate with customers and the effect it will have on you.

Simon Hiscox

Simon operated at senior management level within disruptive startups such as Pact Coffee and Rate Setter before he joined Seedrs in 2017. He attended the University of Reading, where he received a degree in French and Management studies. Simon will be taking part in the Fintech panel debate on Sunday afternoon, which is based on the topics of ‘modern business’ and ‘modern consumer’.


We’re excited to welcome Bridget and Simon to Warwick Congress 2018!


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