Our Concept

Warwick Congress is a student-run initiative enthused by the ambition to educate students from all backgrounds and interests. Our primary motive is to unite the disciplines of Finance, Economics, Law and Politics to a single platform thus allowing students to gain a holistic perspective on the issues surrounding the world today.

We have found a significant void in the market concerning events encompassing both academic and career focused elements. We aim to bridge this gap by inviting influential speakers to analyse the yearly three current affair topics from the perspectives of the four cornerstone-subjects, followed by distinctly separate networking opportunities. Through Warwick Congress, we hope to inspire and motivate students from a myriad of backgrounds to take an interest in not only how the four disciplines shape the society, but also to spark or strengthen a passion into a variety of career paths.

Our team values diversity, not by restricting the members to the students of the four disciplines but by building the enterprise with students from diverse backgrounds. With the help of our collaborating societies, we pursue our project to be diversely open to all students, professional and educative.

Our Teams

The Coordinator

The Coordinator provides the overall vision of the Congress and is in charge of ensuring that all departments within Warwick Congress collaborate efficiently. They are the main representative of the team and the individual that meets with potential partners. They are in direct, regular contact with the head of each department and keep the team updated with the progression of the conference.


Khoi Nyugen
Co-Team Leader

Sponsorships and Corporate Relations

Responsible for the management of the packages and act as the primary contact point between the Warwick Congress team and our prospective financial partners.


Serena Howard
Co-Team Leader

Aditya Bhamu
Co-Team Leader


The Events team is responsible for the operational management of opportunities to encourage the interaction, networking and socialising between delegates, speakers and sponsors throughout the year as well as during the conference weekend. In addition, the team’s role is to ensure that Warwick Congress Execs grow and become a strong and welcoming community where team members all collaborate closely.

Jack Mcilwaine
Co-Team Leader

Roger So
Co-Team Leader


The Talks team work closely with the keynote speakers to comprise scripts for the main weekend. Also manage the relationship with our speakers leading up to their respective event; whether this be our corporate showcase events, panel debates, or the conference weekend.

Lukas Mautner Markhof
Co-Team Leaders


The Press team is responsible for producing media content, sending out newsletters and publishing consistent and regular articles and blogs. Furthermore, they maintain communication with media partners, on and off campus, and aim to approach new media outlets. At the main conference, the Press team is in charge of exclusive interviews with speakers and topic-related publication.

Abdi Buwe
Team Leader

Akshet Shetty

Co-Team Leader


With two streams: Digital Marketing and Publicity, the team is in charge of managing Warwick Congress brand, conducting campaign management for marketing initiatives and promoting interaction through a variety of our media channels.

Hala Fattal Dakmak
Co-Team Leader

Adriana stampoli
Team Leader

External Marketing

The External Marketing team is in charge of marketing Warwick Congress to students outside the University of Warwick. They will reach out to delegates in both the UK and across Europe and provide them with information regarding events. They are also in charge of maintaining partnerships with external university partners, as well as leading the Brand Ambassador Scheme. Warwick Congress aims to reach out to the top universities across the globe, to become one of the largest student-run congresses in Europe.

Diletta Gigli
Team Leader

Francesca Gordon
Team Leader

Creative Design 

The Creative Design team design and create, through innovative concepts, promotional material such as videos, flyers, branded documents and designs used to promote Warwick Congress internally (on-campus) and externally.

Daniel Goncalves

Team Leader


The main role of the Technology team is to develop and run digital platforms effectively. In addition, the team is responsible for ensuring a smooth operations of internal communication channels across teams and technical requirements of all events. Researching and implementing innovative technology are also important aspects of the team.


This streamlined department takes responsibility for the administrative aspects of organising Warwick Congress. This includes the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, adhering to legal requirements and budget allocation for each individual team.

Eleanor Douglas
Team Leader

The Development Team

The Development Team work collaboratively with the Warwick Congress Coordinators in managing the major legal and administrative duties of the organisation. They are also in close contact with leading industry professionals to help innovate and grow WarCon through strategic development concept whilst providing advice and support for team queries.

                                                                                  Alex Balderstone  
                                                                                      Shanil Shah

                                                                Christophe Muffat-es-Jacques

                                                                                       Kevin Cohen
                                                                                     Raaj Vadodaria