Diversity Scheme 

Why does diversity matter to us?

Being one of the core values of Warwick Congress, we appreciate, celebrate and foster diversity. For us diversity is a broad concept which includes the many elements of our individuality. The organisational team of Warwick Congress is made up of students from a great variety of backgrounds and we strongly believe that this diversity promotes dynamism and inspiration. This is why we want to encourage diversity not only within the team but also amongst delegates.

What does diversity mean to us?

For us the concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. We believe that it includes the recognition that each individual is unique and the appreciation of our individual differences. For us diversity is about understanding each other and embracing the rich diversity contained within each individual.

What do we do to respect and promote diversity?

According to Malcolm Forbes “diversity is the art of thinking independently together”. We agree and want to foster that process through our diversity scheme. Guided by our diversity committee, it ensures that diversity is respected within our team and activities. Some of the projects we pursue to promote diversity include:

Fundraising for charities which believe in the same values than we do and promote    diversity and inclusion .

Our bursary scheme which aims to facilitate the access to our main event for students experiencing financial difficulties.

Series of articles discussing current topics related to diversity and articles promoting it.

Periodical communications sent to our team members to ensure a continuous education on diversity.

A yearly survey within our teams to receive feedback on our activities and include everyone’s ideas about the topic.

Training seminars for our team members to discuss and cultivate their knowledge about the importance of diversity.

Make sure we have at least one vegetarian option at our social events.

Make sure that all opinions are valued and taken into account

Meet the members of our diversity committee

Lara Kasperkovitz

  Rajiv Shah

Hugo Mocquard

We know that no scheme can be perfect, so if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions about our diversity scheme and the projects our diversity committee pursue, please do not hesitate to contact us at l.kasperkovitz@warwickcongress.com or h.mocquard@warwickcongress.com . We would love to hear your opinion!