External Delegates

Why should you join?

Warwick Congress is an ambitious and innovative project, revolving around a concept that has not yet been yet been explored, namely the intertwining of four academic disciplines and the fusion of inspiring Academic Talks with an Exclusive Networking opportunity.

In collaboration with top UK and international universities, we are looking for like-minded, driven delegates from a diversity of backgrounds in order to enable fruitful debates and stimulating exchanges. Our goal is to inspire students to take a profound interest in not only how these disciplines shape society, but also what careers these interests can lead them to.

This is agreeably a unique opportunity for you to, at the same time, widen your network internationally with very impressive array of contacts, but also to attend remarkable talks from 12 inspiring and influential high profile institution representatives, CEOs and world-leaders.

You do not want to miss out on this incredible and unique experience!


Do you like our project? Do you want to help us share our passion? Do you want to join the Warwick Congress family? Do you want to gain valuable experience for your CV?

Wherever you are from, if you think you would be interested in representing us and you would be the right person for the job, please feel free to get in touch with us to receive information on our Brand Ambassador Scheme and help us spread the word on your campus!

Brand Ambassador map

Student Societies and University Faculties

If you are a member of a student society (in the UK or abroad) and are interested in creating a partnership with Warwick Congress, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to discuss partnership opportunities between our two entities.

If you work for a faculty of a university (in the UK or abroad) and want to know more about how our project could be beneficial for your students and the development of their well-rounded educational and professional background; or wish to receive more information about Warwick Congress and the existing opportunities to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to email us.

Bursary scheme

Do you want to attend the conference but are finding it hard to raise the necessary means to meet the costs?

This section is for you. We know that it can sometimes be difficult as a student to find the necessary funds to attend these kind of events and we want to give students from all backgrounds the opportunity to share this experience with us.

This is why we have created our bursary scheme, in order to provide financial support to motivated students who are having trouble funding this unique experience.  

We will give bursaries to two students of up to £200 each, which will cover the cost of the ticket as well as travel expenses, and will also provide them with free accommodation.


How does the application process for the bursary scheme work?

You will need to submit the following:

  • Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • An answer to the following question: How did you hear about Warwick Congress and why do you want to attend the conference? (around 200 words)
  • A Reference from your university to confirm that you need our help to be able to attend the conference.

Don’t wait and Apply now!

What to do next?

While you wait for us to give you our final answer, don’t forget to become a member to follow all our news and we will keep you updated about our activities and opportunities we offer. If you are successful and become one of the lucky winners of a bursary, we will ask you to participate in a brief article after the conference in which you will explain your experience at Warwick Congress 2018.

Contact details for further enquiries

Should you have any questions, requests or comments, please get in touch with External Marketing at l.kasperkovitz@warwickcongress.com , h.mocquard@warwickcongress.com or em@warwickcongress.com and we will be glad to help you.