Warwick Congress 2018

…current topics with unconventional views!

Welcoming up to 500 delegates, Warwick Congress is one of the largest European, fully student-run university conferences. The three-day event starting in the evening on Friday 9th February until Sunday 11th February, takes two current affairs topics and looks to deepen students’ understanding from leading industry professionals in Finance, Economics, Law, and Politics. The topics due to be discussed by the 8 keynote speakers across the weekend are:

  • Global Trade vs Embargoes: Temporary Fever or Long-Term Disruption?
  • Social Media, the Making of New Politics

They will be analysed by an individual from each of the four disciplines; providing delegates an insight into how these issues shape our world. The topics will be addressed through the overarching theme of “Innovation: Preparing change and making change”. In addition to the talks, Warwick Congress will host seminars, panel debates and a careers fair for delegates to engage and network with firms.  This unique proposal of academic discussions combined with invaluable networking opportunities makes Warwick Congress 2018 an unmissable event.

Warwick Congress Agenda 2018


Innovation: Preparing Change and Making Change 

The overarching theme of WarCon 2018 is innovation.

  • The ‘why’ is simple; we are in an age of technological advancement and resource scarcity. The prevailing force of high speed change is both our challenge as well as our opportunity.  FinTech industries and competition in economic markets are spiked by unprecedentedly efficient and ecological productivity. Political revolutions flood timelines and streets alike, changing the way that we are informed. Media storms and cyber security threaten modern democracies, raising legal concerns of privacy in data use and the fairness of elections. Interconnectivity is key; restrictive immigration policies allow those innovative enough to capitalise with new socio-economic thinking. Innovation is our tool to form the future, yet innovation’s unpredictability means that to succeed in the future, we must create it. We’re excited.

There is no time like the present. Innovation’s unpredictability means that to succeed in the future, we must create it. We’re excited!


FRIDAY, 9th February


Paul Andrews
Secretary General , International Organisation of Securities Commissions

Jean-François Mazaud,
Head of Private Banking at Societe Generale

SATURDAY, 10th February

Global Trade vs. Embargoes

Gavin Hewitt
BBC News Editor

Professor Gabriel Felbermayr
Professor of Economics at University of Munich and Director of the Ifo Center for International Economics

Dr Clair Gammage
Law Lecturer at Bristol Law School

Dr Katrin Tinn
Assistant Professor in Finance at Imperial College London Business School


Moderator: Maria Carvalho
Policy analyst at LSE

Suleman Alli
Director of Strategy and Regulation at UK Power Networks

Chris Huhne
Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Michael Lewis,

Georg Kasperkovitz
CEO Consumer Packaging, Mondi Group


SUNDAY, 11h February


Sam Wolfson
UK Executive Editor, VICE

David Glenwright
Head of Training Services, JC Social Media UK

Akeem Famuyiwa
Founder, Fractional IP

Bridget Greenwood
Director, Financial Social Media UK

Panel Debate FinTech

Moderator: Charlotte Dukes
The University of Warwick

Anirudh Pai
Researcher at General Crypto


Jack Collier
Director of European Marketing, Circle Pay


Simon Hiscox
Marketing Director at Seedrs



Global Trade vs Embargoes: Temporary Fever or Long-Term Disruption?

We live in a new, virtual era where goods and services from across the globe are delivered to our doorsteps, reaching us via new routes and new ways everyday. These complex changes have also meant that recent socio-economic and political issues have pressured several European governments and the US to reconsider the flow of free trade, capital and human resources. President Trump’s America First policy, Brexit and the broader upheaval of Western politics are all representations of a movement away from globalisation. Warwick Congress 2018 will seek to provide a dynamic insight into whether the populist movements of the last few years are here to stay, or whether globalisation is still the future. With protectionist policies promised by the US administration and the uncertainties of Brexit looming over Europe, what is the fate of global free trade?

Social Media, the Making of New Politics

In 2016, social media changed politics and governance forever. President Trump and Nigel Farage dominated the Twitter sphere, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the darling of Facebook and the message of the Front National went global. This makes us question whether the mainstream media has lost its control in the political sphere, since politicians can now drive their narrative independently of traditional channels. Warwick Congress 2018 will address what is next for this new, increasingly connected global society. How, if at all, will liberal democracy counter the increasingly accessible cult of personality? Is legislation the tool by which “fake news” is best dealt with? Should national governments fear the economic power of the select few social media moguls?


Throughout the Conference weekend, delegates will have the opportunity to engage in two thought provoking discussions by a panel of high profile speakers and experts in the key topics of “Infrastructure and Environment: New Problems Call for New Solutions” and “FinTech: Modern Customer and Modern Business”.


Warwick Congress will be offering the exclusive opportunity to have personal access to our world famous speakers via our Speaker Seminars which will take place throughout the conference weekend. Covering law, finance, politics and economics, we will be holding seminars for a maximum of 20 students per seminar with our conference speakers. These lucky students will be given the opportunity to meet their respective speaker and engage with them directly over the course of the 30 minute Q&A seminar. To take advantage of this incredible opportunity keep a look out for the seminar announcements. Places will be distributed on a first come first serve basis so keep your eyes open!


Warwick Congress’ Grand Gala is an exclusive, unparalleled opportunity for students interested in Law and Finance to network and interact with representatives from some of the most prestigious graduate employers, as well as our guests in attendance from across the world. Students and partner firms alike will be offered a 3-course meal along with drinks and live entertainment handpicked by the Warwick Congress team, creating the perfect environment for creating new connections. If that wasn’t enough, some of our speakers will also be in attendance too, allowing our guests to interact with them in a more relaxed environment.